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May 2018 Call Handling Hero®

Call Handling Hero® — Sandra

Our May Call Handling Hero® Sandra received a call from a resident of a high-rise because water was leaking into his apartment from above. Flooding is never something anyone wants to have to deal with, and she knew she had to take action. Sandra quickly realized something wasn’t right, though, because the name of the apartment complex didn’t show up on her list of properties. She called the management company; it turns out they had just acquired the building, and the transition process was ongoing.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

February 2018 Call Handling Hero®

Call Handling Hero® — Michelle

Michelle faced a logistical problem in the waning hours of the night. The ABA offices started receiving calls from patients from an office we didn’t service. This lead to patients being unable to find solutions as there was nowhere to send them. Luckily, the medical professional on-call was able to reach Michelle and she lept into action.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

January 2018 Call Handling Hero®

Lindsey earned her spot as the Call Handling Hero® for January by being vigilent and acting quickly.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

November 2017 Call Handling Hero®

melissa_johnson_hn.jpgOur November Call Handling Hero was able to quickly and effectively manage complicated healthcare calls and get the callers the resolution they needed.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

June 2017 Call Handling Hero®

This month’s hero, Linda, helped a caller get access to some much-neededcounseling, despite some hesitancies from the caller.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

February 2017 Call Handling Hero®

This month’s hero used quick thinking to ensure both the client and the caller were satisfied with a shipment situation.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

December 2016 Call Handling Hero®

Once again Eric has proven to be a Call Handling Hero! This month, Eric had answered a call from an individual who was unable to go to an event and had an extra ticket. On a separate occasion he also received a call from someone who was looking for tickets, but found they were sold out. He asked our client if he could connect the two together so that they might be able to make an arrangement. Eric really went the extra mile to make sure our client's customers were well taken care of and that is why he is December's Call Handling Hero.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

September 2016 Call Handling Heroes®

Call Handling Heroes® — Michelle Rowe and Irene Molina

Home health is not the easiest job (even in the best of circumstances), but problems can be exacerbated with new patients, unfamiliar surroundings and language barriers.

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August 2016 Call Handling Hero®

Call Handling Hero® - Eric

Our winner for this month's Call Handling Hero® is Eric! Our client's wife was in a car accident and he wanted us to reach out to the correct police department for him to report the emergency. Eric calmly patched our client through to the appropriate 911 department and even reconnected the call when they were disconnected. 

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

July 2016 Call Handling Hero®

This month’s hero maintained his composure and provided excellent customer service while dealing with a particularly difficult caller.

Topics: Call Handling Heroes