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January 2019 Call Handling Hero®


Call Handling Hero® — Pam

Our January Call Handling Hero® Pam handled a difficult and urgent situation with a cool head and resourceful actions. Her caller was a staff doctor's sibling, and the staff doctor worked with one of our clients. A series of unfortunate events made urgent outreach Pam's only option. 
Frantic and upset, the caller relayed to Pam that she and her son were in town, but their possessions were stolen and events happened that placed the caller (the staff doctor's sister) in the hospital. Without any means of contacting her relatives, the hospital at which she had been admitted, worked to track down the phone number for our client.

This particular client was set up for patient emergencies, but nothing specifically regarding family emergencies. Pam took the initiative to contact the doctor directly. After leaving a message for the doctor about situation, Pam then reached out to our on-call for the evening in an attempt to see if there was an alternate contact or anything she could do from her position.

The on-call took the information and assured Pam she would also reach out to the doctor. Way to step in and be a Call Handling Hero during a family crisis!

Good clients and great TSR's make A Better Answer the better answer.

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