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How Proprietary Systems Set Answering Services Apart

Every call center is unique in how it handles calls for a business. Some are dedicated call centers that handle the same thing for one company (e.g. cable providers, banks, etc.). These call centers more than likely use the same process start to finish on every call they handle. Then there are shared call centers that handle a wide range of services for multiple clients (e.g. law offices, HVAC, ministries, catalog services, etc.). In this case, the call center team has to be able to understand how to handle a wide variety of call types for different companies.

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Call Center Turnover: Why Employees Leave and How to Retain Them

When you hear the words “call center,” does it immediately bring to mind endless rows of people chattering away on headsets? If so, you have a pretty accurate idea of what a call center is like. One thing associated with many call centers is an extremely high turnover rate. As a matter of fact, the average time a U.S. call center representative remains at one job is about three years. 

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Don’t Sweat It: Why HVAC Companies Need an Answering Service


The most important part of an HVAC company’s business is its customers. Specifically, customer acquisition and retention. Customer service is a huge part of that. The smaller the business, the more important each customer is to its survival, so it’s important to ensure your customers are happy after each and every interaction you have with them.
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