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Handling Customer Service Issues Through Social Media

Thanks to modern technology, we have unprecedented access to everyone and everything. This can either help or harm your business, especially when it involves social networking. If you try to avoid social media—or worse, don't run your social media platforms correctly—it could harm your business as consumers flock to your more social media-savvy competitors.

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ABA’s Houston Regional Office Grand Opening is Coming Up Soon!

A Better Answer recently moved its Houston Regional office to a new location and is hosting a grand opening ceremony on Wednesday, June 29. If you’re a local business owner, we’d love to see you there!

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5 Things Every Medical Office Needs in an Answering Service

As a physician, you do your best to build trust with your patients. Wouldn't you want an answering service to continue to build and reinforce what you've already started?

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How to Meet Customer Needs During a Natural Disaster

Floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, oh my! Natural disasters are a big problem for businesses that communicate regularly with customers—especially if you’re in a disaster-prone area like Tornado Alley or near the coast. Sometimes it seems like a new natural disaster season is always around the corner. So what happens to your business when there’s a natural disaster? If you’re not prepared, you could lose your communication abilities, leading to lost revenue and customers.

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