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Common Challenges for Startups

Startup companies need more than an idea and ambition to succeed. They need money, experience, and strong leadership to stand even a chance at making a profit. These challenges are so strong that the majority of new businesses fail within the first seven years.

True, it's tough out there for any aspiring entrepreneur. But don't let the odds diminish your desire. Understanding some of the most common challenges of startups can help you get ahead of these difficulties and build a plan – and business – that will survive and thrive in the modern market.

Just what are those common challenges? Let’s take a closer look at each one by one.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing During a Recession

It’s no secret the economy is in the midst of a recession. For many small businesses, a recession means layoffs, tough financial times in the future, and even tougher decisions from management.

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Features Offered With A Better Answer’s Premier Service Package

Need professional answering services to handle customer inflow, message taking, and similar work? A Better Answer is just the ticket, especially if you own or operate a small business with limited staffing.

How an Answering Service Helps With Customer Service

As customer service becomes more important to businesses, many are turning to answering services as a way to provide excellent customer care. And while providing the best customer service possible is the primary goal of an answering service, there’s a lot that goes into achieving that.

The Importance of Client Communication for Businesses

In the modern market, it’s not enough for a business to create stellar products or offer fantastic services. Successful brands also need to communicate consistently with their clients — after all, no brand can bring in money without keeping its core customers satisfied. 

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Congratulations Michelle on 10 Years at A Better Answer!

We are so happy to congratulate Michelle into the “ABA Decennial Club”! Michelle adds her tenure to a substantial list of other wonderful ABA Decennials and we hope to have her with us for many many more.

5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Take Over for Retail Owners

As a business owner, the phrase "wearing many hats" is something that most likely applies to you — especially if you own a smaller retail business. Not only do you have to run your store but you also have to take care of orders, customer care, online presence, marketing — you name it. The list is never-ending.

Celebrating Debbie Weiler's 40th Anniversary with ABA!

Debbie first began as a telephone secretary and has grown with the company over these many years. Always a smart and dedicated woman, she has successfully raised up many employees and also married, had children and is now Debs, grandmother to 3 lovely grandboys. Debbie lived through one big hurricane in Houston tearing up the building we had just moved from and went on to move again our offices into our own ABA Building. We have upgraded and switched out equipment so many times it would be difficult to count. Throughout all these moves, equipment changes, improvements as well as employee movement, Debbie had stood steadfast and kept the Houston office humming right along. So many ABA customers know her well. Debbie and her Houston office have won the ATSI Award of Excellence for over 20 years to add to the long list of her many achievements.

Vicki Ferreira Celebrates 40 Years With ABA!

Big congratulations to Vicki for 40 years with A Better Answer. Vicki started with us when she was only 17 and now 46 years later (with time off in between to have children) we’re celebrating a lifetime of service. Vicki has had a spectacular history with ABA. Vic started as a TSR answering lots of customers calls on one of those vintage switchboards. She was such a star it wasn’t long before she grew with the company until she was the manager. From that position Vic began selling new accounts which was her first love. Her enthusiasm and dedication are remarkable and have carried her through some really challenging years. The Dallas office has moved several times, upgraded and changed equipment many times and always, Vicki grew and handled with great ability. Of course, all our customers think they are going to have a Vicki answering their phones because of her upbeat personality. All our TSRs are wonderful but there is only one Vicki.

How To Keep Employees Safe When Returning to Call Centers

As businesses start to shift back to an in-person working environment, it’s essential to keep your workplace safe against the spread of COVID-19.