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A Day in the Life of an Inbound Call Agent

At A Better Answer, we reward staff members who go above and beyond to provide great customer care and exhibit a commitment to community through giving of their time and talent. We call them Call Handling Heroes® and recognize them monthly for helping make us the best in the business.

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January Call Handling Heroes®

This January, we had an unusual but happy situation--leaving us with not just a single Call Handling Hero®, but a tie for Call Handling Heroes® and a runner-up!

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Business Phone Etiquette 101

Even with the proliferation of social media, the telephone remains one of the most important communication devices between businesses and customers. Social media doesn’t allow for inflection or any well trusted way to sense mood and rapport like hearing someone’s voice over a phone line. Because a phone conversation is limited, in comparison to meeting face-to-face, there are rules of business etiquette that should be followed.

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