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Have answering service or call center questions? Get answers here.

We work on being as transparent and accommodating with our customers as possible, which is why we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have. Whether general questions or a specific questions about pricing, services or process, you'll find answers to most of them on this page. If not, please contact us today and we'll get you an answer.

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General Questions

Inbound Call Center, Call Center and Answering Service

An Inbound Call Center handles more involved accounts than traditional answering service accounts. A Call Center handles upgraded services such as order taking, web-enabled services (including logging information in the customer’s CRM), customer service calls (with an exhaustive helpdesk for FAQs), Tier 1 IT call handling, logging trouble tickets in the customer’s database and appointment scheduling services in the customer’s online or internal calendar, to name a few

24/7 service?

Yes, we have staff available whenever our customers need calls answered.

Do you handle international calls?


How long does it take for your representatives to answer calls?

90% of all calls are answered by the 2nd ring.

Power loss?

ABA is backed up by a UPS System and also has hard-wired generators at each location. Even if power does go down in one location, all three offices are networked together with all offices and entire staff and are cross-trained on all customer accounts.

Do you offer any other languages than English?

Yes, we also offer Spanish.

Pricing / Service:

What services do you provide?

See our services page for service details.

Which industries do you handle?

ALL industries.

What if you’ve never worked with my industry?

Our business is not industry defined. ABA has a solution for every industry’s communication needs.


ABA bills by operator time in six-second increments.

Custom service plans:

All ABA proposals and plans are customized to customer’s needs. ABA minute packages for operator time and ABA customizes all pricing for each client. 


Time to set up answering services for my company:

Usually traditional answering service accounts may be set up in 24-48 hours. More involved services may require up to 10 business days and sometimes longer based on the needs of the customer and the training involved.

How fast do we have access to information from calls?

ABA automatically emails or texts your customer’s calls immediately after saving the message. Also available: A web based directory where customers listen to their calls immediately after saved in our system, even before we disconnect the call.


Can you support specific safety or regulatory certifications or compliance specific to my industry/product?

In most cases yes. We would need to review your specific requirements to ensure we could comply with your requirements.

Highly confidential or proprietary information:

We provide and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with any customer with confidential or proprietary information. All agents undergo HIPAA, PCI and privacy training. Anyone who may see your account has signed a confidentiality agreement.

Company and customer data protection:

Data protection is important to us. We use a proprietary PBX switch that is on-site in our equipment room, not a web based program where your data is at risk. Our local computers are also protected by a state of the art firewall and anti-virus suite. As far as how client’s data is stored and secured in our vendor based switched is a proprietary.

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