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November 2018 Call Handling Hero®

Call Handling Hero® — Pam

pam_sisson_hn_1Our November Call Handling Hero® Pam from our Houston office showed how seemingly unimportant details are actually quite the opposite. For this particular account, electronic responses usually include identifiers to assist dispatchers in delivering any pending messages. But, on this day, she noticed that the responses were oddly formatted. 

Because she lacked the necessary information to deliver any of the pending messages, she contacted the on-call person. The on-call was surprised to hear from us, since we normally leave everything to the electronic responses, and mentioned that she hadn't received any messages. Pam pulled the number programmed in order for her to confirm, only to be surprised that it belonged to an employee who no longer worked for the company.

Pam immediately took steps to remedy the situation for the rest of the weekend and notified programming for all the changes needed. Everything was fixed and the customer was ecstatic. Good clients and great TSR's make A Better Answer the better answer.

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