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September 2015 Call Handling Hero®

Sometimes, a call can challenge even our best call handlers. September's Call Handling Hero® is Eric, offering compassion, patience and calm during an extremely trying call with a patient.

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A Better Answer Raises Over $5,000 for Bikers Against Child Abuse

Our Fall Family Festival is always a great time for A Better Answer staff, our friends and our families but we do our best to turn our yearly good time into something special for others too. This year, we were so honored to present $5,290, collected from our Plano, Hurst and Houston locations, to Bikers Against Child Abuse!

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Happiness in the Workplace

Your employees’ psychological well-being can be affected by their personal lives and also their time at work. Work relationships can either hinder the quality of life for those that work for/with you or bring value to them. Believe it or not, the quality of a person’s workplace can contribute to overall happiness or illness in an employee.

How can you make the workplace bring value to a person’s life?

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Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like the sweet serenity of the comfy confines of your own home. With that said, what better place is there to set up your personalized home office? And I don’t mean home office as in computer, computer chair, and filing cabinet. I’m talking about a personalized workstation to work remotely from home.

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Automation vs. Answering Service: the Pros and the Cons

Phone calls are an important part of running a successful and growing business so every call should be answered. When call handling becomes too time-consuming for business owners, however, they will begin to look for alternatives to assist them so that other business functions don’t fall to the wayside. The alternatives are typically an automated answering system or hiring an answering service. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

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Employee Stats in the Call Center World

When you hear the words “call center,” does it immediately bring to mind endless rows of people chattering away on headsets? Then you have a pretty accurate idea of what a call center is like. Did you know that many call centers experience an extremely high turnover rate? As a matter of fact, the average time a U.S. call center representative remains at one job is about 3 years.

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