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How to Increase Your Service Level While Decreasing the Bottom Line

Customer service is a huge part of any business. After all, studies show that two out of every three people will switch brands due to a poor customer service experience. When people move away from your company or brand, it can affect your bottom line. So, there’s obviously a direct relationship between customer service level and the bottom line. But how do you increase the former while decreasing the latter?

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February 2016 Call Handling Hero®

This month’s hero truly exemplified a Good Samaritan, going out of her way to help a client with a unique situation.

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A Better Answer Call Center’s History: What’s Changed in 45 Years

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost half a century since A Better Answer started serving its customers. A lot has changed over the years, to say the least. In honor of this — and to celebrate our 45th anniversary this year — we thought we’d take a look back at what’s changed since 1971:

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Dee’s 5 Culture Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Every company has to find its own culture. Sometimes you know what you want; other times you fall into it because of circumstances and experiences. Either way, it’s a big part of entrepreneurial success. You need an identity and a way to make employees feel invested in your business if you’re going to last.

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