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How Net Neutrality Will Affect The Small Business Owner

You may or may not have been privvy to the news about the Federal Communications Commission passing a new set of rules about net neutrality. After all, within hours the interwebs were arguing over the color of a dress. Nevertheless, it was an important decision and one you should understand as a consumer or small business owner.

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Why “It’s Not My Job” Doesn’t Work in Small Business

With over half of the working U.S. population starting or working in small businesses, there are even better statistics and data around entrepreneurs and startups. Read here for some interesting facts! When working in a small business, an owner or employee may find themselves doing jobs outside of their specialty. Long gone are the days of “passing the buck”. In a small business climate, every job may be your job.

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How to Stay Positive in a Negative Situation

Negativity can affect anyone – especially when there is ongoing negativity. In some cases, such as a customer service environment, it is imperative to shake off as much negativity as possible. The dark and heavy emotions not only can lead to illness but also affect your ability to provide quality care to your clients and customers. We have a few steps to help stay positive in a negative situation.

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ABA Call Center Fully Operational during Snow/Ice Days

The winter weather in Texas has been crazy lately. We've had 65 - 70 degree weather followed closely by sudden drops in the temperature and rain. The worst case was the past few weeks with snow and ice putting all of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area under high alert. Major freeways were shut down but at ABA, we were still fully operational.

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How to Handle an Emergency Call Gracefully

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ABA January Call Handling Hero®

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