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Give your customers the ability to reach you anytime with an answering service tailored to meet the high-demand needs of retail.

Customer experience and service are the lifeblood of every retail location, yet it’s not always easy to be available all of the time, both on the phone and in the store. An answering service ensures that no customer call goes unanswered and frees up your team to engage with anyone who walks through your doors.

A Better Answer offers your retail company:

Flexible Support

Retail can be a world of unknowns, whether it’s an unexpected lunch rush, or a busy holiday season. Give your staff the flexibility to handle whatever comes their way with an answering service that can help get the right information to your customers over the phone.

Adaptive Service Plans

Retail is a cyclical business. Every company has their busy and slow months, not taking the holidays into account. During the seasonal rush, a supporting answering service can cut the need to hire more seasonal help. We can adapt our services based on how much support you need, when you need it. Whether that’s a full time answering service, or support only during the lunch hours. We’ll come up with a custom plan to suit your exact needs.


We learn your business in and out. We become experts on your products and services. We’ll work with you to create a custom plan and script for interacting with your customers so they always get the right customer service that matches the experience they’ll find at any of your retail locations.

Help Desk Support

A Better Answer can support your business with professional help desk support for any customer that calls in. We work with you so we have the tools necessary to handle anything that comes our way, and know when to elevate the matter to your staff.

Access to the Customer Information You Need

You’ll get access to the information from any customer calls right away, whether you want it through voicemail, email, text, web portal, or even pager. Whether a customer is coming into the store to follow-up, or to track what products need the most customer support.

Retail requires top-quality customer service at all times. We understand this and are here to support you with our expert operators. Request a quote today!

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