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An Inside Look at a Call Center During the Ice and Snowstorms

Bad weather creates all kinds of problems for nearly everyone. The worse the weather, the more problems there are. If there is snow, everything slows and the call volume really increases. When there’s ice, and especially if it’s on top of the snow, it’s the worst ever. Trees and limbs are either broken or bent over limbs kissing the ground from the weight of the ice, power lines are down, electric is off, no water, food supplies are dwindling, streets clog with traffic and the ice causes accidents which stop any movement – businesses close and if anyone is coming in at all, they’ll be late, schools close, parents stay home to watch their children, family and friends call from out of town to see if everyone is alright, and so many other reasons why people can’t get all their incoming phone calls. It’s bad – really bad – and no one knows when the situation will improve.

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