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Increase Your Productivity By Hiring An Answering Service

Running a business means that you must stay focused and productive to get the most out of every work day. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may be performing most, if not all, of the daily duties of running your company and then some all while trying to increase revenue. The good news is that you know all of the intricate details of your business. The challenge is that there is only one (or very few) of you all wearing different hats and hoping that you stay ahead of the game.

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How To Keep Your Cool During A High Stress Call

When you consider high stress occupations, you might think about police officers, firefighters, emergency room doctors or other first responders. Call handlers also face high stress situations which could directly impact a caller’s state of mind for better or worse. Depending on the client, a telephone representative could be speaking to a frustrated customer or dealing with a life or death situation as well. The success or failure of these stressful situations are heavily determined by the person’s reaction to it.

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Great Customer Service Doesn't Have To Be In-House

Fierce competition in today’s economy means a small business owner must be a few steps ahead at all times. While your business may be offering the same products or services as another, you can still differentiate yourself.

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Inbound Call Center 101

As A Better Answer offers many types of services, we like to provide information on these services so that each client’s needs are being met effectively. We have tackled the difference between a call center and an answering service. We even offered clarity on our inbound, outbound and executive level telemessaging services. Now we’ll look deeper into the inbound call center and help explain more details.

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December 2015 Call Handling Hero®

Our December hero, Ariana, went above and beyond to help a caller who was almost left out in the winter cold.

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