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November 2015 Call Handling Hero®

Sometimes a call comes in that brings forth even more empathy and humanity from our call handling heroes. Elizabeth took the extra steps to possibly save a life as November's Call Handling Hero® .

Topics: Call Handling Heroes

Shark Tank Answering Service Options

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Shark Tank, you either have an entirely new appreciation for entrepreneurs, or quite possibly, you may be an entrepreneur yourself! Imagine pitching your awesome startup idea to a group of investors. You’d better have done your research and be very convincing. Now imagine that you’ve landed a large sum of cash from these investors. What would your next steps be? Maybe one of your first steps should be to hire an experienced answering service. Here’s why.

Topics: Better Business

Outsourcing in the Service Industry

A business in the service industry is defined as any business that does work for a customer. These services could include anything from food services to household contracting such as plumbing and HVAC. In many cases, service businesses are running a tight ship, with employees wearing many hats. Outsourcing is a highly debated topic among those in the industry and for good reason. When your business pays the bills, how can you trust someone else with your customers?

Topics: Better Service

Speaking the Language When Hiring an Answering Service

Outsourcing any task in a small business can be a frightening proposition. Hiring an answering service especially so, as it is an extension of your business. After all, the first line of communication with your customers, other than in person, is through the telephone. Just as your industry has its own lingo, a business owner needs to speak the language when hiring an answering service. Understanding key terms and how to contract with an answering service can make the process more agreeable.

Topics: Better Business