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3 Tips for Gracefully Handling Emergency Calls

In the world of customer service and call centers, every single phone call is different. The person answering the phone must be prepared for a variety of personalities, challenges and temperaments when the call begins. An emergency call can be especially challenging if the call agent is not prepared. For medical practices and hospitals with regular emergency calls, gracefully handling the situation is especially important. 

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Your Voice: 4 Factors to Think About During Your Next Call

They say that 10 percent of conflict is due to a difference in opinion; the other 90 percent is due to the wrong tone of voice. When it comes to your customers, this is definitely something to keep in mind, as your voice can determine the outcome of any call. Just as you can give a caller a high level of comfort, you can give a caller a high level of anxiety — all with just your voice.

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The Difference Between a Call Center and Answering Service

Sometimes, people and companies use the terms "answering service" and "call center" interchangeably. In reality, they are very different. In order to help you decide which service is right for you, allow us to expand upon the differences between an answering service and a call center.

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