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Why People Come Back After Leaving for a Cheap Answering Service

Hiring employees is quite the endeavor. Initially there is the cost of advertising or recruiting the candidate. Then add in the cost to human resources to read over resumes, interview, check references, screen candidates and make an offer. The reason that organizations spend so much time, money and effort in the hiring process is because they want a quality employee.

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Can A Better Answer Handle Your Business?

Humility is a great virtue but as a business owner, sometimes you have to shout from the rooftops. At A Better Answer, we’re proud of our history, our team, and the level of customer service we provide our clients. Every month we highlight calls where our call handling heroes went above and beyond what was expected. Our trophy wall continues to line up with awards in customer service. Testimonials come in monthly from our awesome clients.

But can A Better Answer handle your business? Let us elaborate on what we can do for you.

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