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February 2019 Call Handling Hero®


Call Handling Hero® — Martha and Pam

For February's Call Handling Hero® recognition, we're celebrating two awesome responders – Martha, our winner, and Pam, our runner up!

February Call Handling Hero® Winner – Martha 
A Better Answer's very own detective, Martha helped resolve a situation with one of our newest clients. This client is currently in the process of integrating their own new clients on a very large scale, and as with any large data transfer project,  typos happen.

In this case, it was a return address for their clients to make payments. During a routine call, Martha noticed the return address was incorrectly printed on the bill that had been mailed to our client’s customer. After providing the correct information to the caller, Martha then reached out to the client to let them know of the error so they could fix the problem in their system. In the end, Martha helped the client save many hours and prevent customer dissatisfaction!



February Call Handling Hero® Runner Up – Pam
Always supportive in times of need, Pam took a call on a Houston Home Health account for their Dallas office. Apparently, something happened with the call forwarding for the Dallas office, and their calls were not reaching us to hand off to their on-call person. Pam quickly recognized the issue and reached out to the Houston on-call for assistance. Afterwards, Dallas was reached to have the urgent message delivered. Way to go, Pam!

Good clients and great TSR's make A Better Answer the better answer.

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