Are You Prepared for a Hurricane? We Can Help

Hurricane season is upon us. Last year we had Harvey down in Houston, and this year Florence is here. Every year it’s important to stay safe if you live in the coastal cities that could be in the path of a hurricane.

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A Better Answer Gives Back for a Better Community

Habitat for Humanity believes that everyone, everywhere, should have a healthy, affordable place to call home.

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ABA CEO Recognized as One of World’s Top Women Entrepreneurs

A Better Answer is no stranger to awards. From winning the Association of TeleServices International Award of Excellence for 18 consecutive years to receiving several honors from the Dallas Business Journal, eWomenNetwork Foundation and other prestigious organizations, we have our fair share of them. They’re a true testament to the positive culture we’ve created for our staff and the exceptional customer service we provide for our customers.

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Answering Services for Small Businesses

Today I just happened to stumble on this article by Business Insider: Small Business Owners More Stressed Than Ever: 3 Tech Tips That Can Help. It made me chuckle because while we've known that hiring an answering service will help a small business owner save time by delegating tasks they'd normally be doing themselves, we just wrote a blog post on how helpful it is to your productivity to do so.

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Top 5 Most Popular Services from an Answering Service

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Tips From an Answering Service: Using Your Voice

You can set the entire outcome of any call by how you sound: You can give a caller a high level of comfort or a high level of anxiety just with your voice!

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Call Center Price vs Call Center Quality

Getting the cheapest price isn't necessarily the best value for your business!

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How to Choose the Right Call Center for Your Business

In many ways, the customer call center is the heart of any business. It is often the first contact customers have with the company, and must be run efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. Utilizing an outside call center can save you money, and allow you to focus on running your business. Call centers are as varied in function as the businesses that use them, and in order to choose the right center for your business, you must identify the needs specific to your company. Is your business large or small? What sort of call volume do you expect? Are the calls inbound and/or outbound? What customer service hours do you require? What types of clients do you serve - wholesale or retail? Whatever your requirements, there are a few questions to answer about a prospective call center’s service before signing an agreement to utilize their services.

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Answering the Call for 40 Years!

When I was a teenager, I was a speed demon on the manual typewriter and took Pittman shorthand in high school. At that time I wanted to become a court reporter when I grew up. I majored in English in High School and Business in college. So, in early 1971, when my ex-husband needed a manufacturer’s representative office, I felt I had all the skills I needed to open a small secretarial and answering service with a small office in the back for him—my version of an executive suite. On August 1st, 1971 that small dream became a reality when we opened Keystone Park Secretarial & Answering Service.

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What Happens to Customer Calls During a Natural Disaster?

Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, oh my! Did you know that Slate Magazine has already labeled the 21st Century, “The Century of Disasters”? From the half-mile twister that recently tore through Joplin, MO. to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the flooding of the Mississippi River, and the tsunamis that have ravaged various places around the globe, natural disasters have dominated the headlines of our news for the past few years.

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