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September 2016 Call Handling Heroes®

Call Handling Heroes® — Michelle Rowe and Irene Molina

Home health is not the easiest job (even in the best of circumstances), but problems can be exacerbated with new patients, unfamiliar surroundings and language barriers.

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10 Real-Life Examples of Fantastic Customer Service

Answering services and call centers often talk about how they provide excellent customer service, but it doesn’t mean anything unless they can back it up. To show you how A Better Answer does things in the real world, here are 10 examples of fantastic customer service from our Call Handling Heroes®:

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August 2016 Call Handling Hero®

Call Handling Hero® - Eric

Our winner for this month's Call Handling Hero® is Eric! Our client's wife was in a car accident and he wanted us to reach out to the correct police department for him to report the emergency. Eric calmly patched our client through to the appropriate 911 department and even reconnected the call when they were disconnected. 

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Questions to Ask When Shopping for an Answering Service in Dallas

Geography is an important factor to think about when outsourcing services for your business. For example, if your business is in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or surrounding area and you’re considering hiring an answering service, the company’s location may help determine if they’re the best fit. High touch is still highly valued, after all.

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