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5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Customer Service

We can be bothered’ is the slogan Simplyhealth, a company boasting award-winning commitment to offering excellent healthcare, uses to summarize the exceptional personal customer service it has provided for more than 140 years. Following a customer-centric approach, this healthcare provider has achieved massive success, with more than 3 million happy customers and 20,000 health schemes offered until now. How did they do it?

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Small Business Marketing Tips for 2014

Small business owners can accomplish much without spending too much money. In fact, marketing in today's connected era doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Even the simplest idea, when planned carefully and executed well, can get you great results.

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Handling Customer Service Issues through Social Media

Modern technology has given us unprecedented access to everyone and everything. The tools therein can be used to either help or harm your business. One unavoidable tool that can either be a boon or a burden to your business is social networking. If you try to avoid it--or worse, don't run your social media platforms correctly--your business could be harmed as consumers flock to your more social network media savvy competitors. However, if you properly engage consumers on your social media platforms, which many of them will be tethered to from the moment they wake up until--or even while--they are sleep, you will receive many benefits.

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