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Why Startups Should Hire an Answering Service

Starting any new business can be hectic and pressurized. As a new business owner, there are many roles you are currently filling, and it’s important to prioritize what grows the company. Maintaining excellent customer service and focus through those early days in business is one of the most important reasons to consider hiring an answering service.

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Should You Pick an Answering Service Based Off Location or Industry?

If your business has inbound calls from customers, the more you grow, the more you will discover the need of an answering service. You likely do not have the budget or the capacity to ensure that calls are answered at all times and that your customers are taken care of. Choosing an answering service, on the other hand, is the logical choice, but when you are trying to find the right one, should you focus only on those that are focused in your industry or those are local to you? Here are the benefits of each: 

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Will Website Chatting Services Replace Answering Services?

It is no secret that technology is changing the world as we know it. As it is now, there are already new methods of doing things available in the market. In terms of customer service, while answering services are still at the forefront, will that change in the future? Chatting services are already gaining a lot of traction and over time, it’s possible that they may be more popular than answering services at some point. But that doesn’t mean your customer will have a more satisfying experience, however.

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5 Ways You Can Increase Happiness in the Workplace

Happiness is an important part of any workplace. Generally speaking, employees that are happy will be more productive, produce higher quality work, and become more engaged in their jobs and with the company. While certain aspects of workplace happiness depend on good chemistry between the members of your team, there are several things you can do to improve workplace morale by improving working conditions, reducing stress, and interjecting fun into the workplace. Here are five ways to increase the level of happiness in the workplace.

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A Better Answer Wins Coveted ATSI Award of Excellence

The Association of TeleServices International recently held its 2017 Annual Convention at Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL and A Better Answer is proud to announce it won the exclusive ATSI 2017 Award of Excellence – Platinum Award.

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Happy Fourth of July From A Better Answer Call Centers!

At A Better Answer, we’re proud of our country. In fact, Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays! Because of this, we’d like to take a moment and celebrate with our fellow Americans by sharing interesting facts related to July 4th, as well as celebrate a little history of our own.

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June 2017 Call Handling Hero®

This month’s hero, Linda, helped a caller get access to some much-neededcounseling, despite some hesitancies from the caller.

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Comparing the Top Answering Services Across the Country

When it comes to choosing the right answering service for your company, you might think price is the most important factor, right? Putting the cliché “You get what you pay for” aside for a moment, there are actually several elements that go into creating the best customer service experience for your customers. From the availability and friendliness of telephone representatives to the availability and capabilities of the company, do some research and you’ll find that not all answering services are created equal.

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ABA CEO Recognized as One of World’s Top Women Entrepreneurs

A Better Answer is no stranger to awards. From winning the Association of TeleServices International Award of Excellence for 18 consecutive years to receiving several honors from the Dallas Business Journal, eWomenNetwork Foundation and other prestigious organizations, we have our fair share of them. They’re a true testament to the positive culture we’ve created for our staff and the exceptional customer service we provide for our customers.

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3 Reasons To Hire an Answering Service in the Summer

Ah, summer. It’s a time filled with fun, sun and plenty of relaxation… unless you’re a business owner who has customer service issues, that is. Whether you’re experiencing an influx in business, trying to get ahead for the busy fall season or simply want a chance to unwind, hiring an answering service can be the perfect solution for the warm-weather months.

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