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How to Reduce Your Telecom Services Bill to Save Your Company Money

Businesses, no matter what size, tend to find that they heavily rely on telecom services (telecommunications). While telecom is a big asset in business—often used to make business deals and indirectly bring in more money—it could also greatly affect your company’s financial expenses. Thus, the answer is almost never to cut telecom services from your expenses but rather to implement better telecom expense management. In this article, we will discuss how you can do this in order to save not only money but time and other resources for your business, as well. 

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Real, Live, Anytime Customer Service

We all know how frustrating it is when we contact customer support—for any type of business—and get stuck with long wait times or a bot (not to mention, corny wait music). 

How to Help Your Call Center Reduce Wait Time and Abandoned Calls

Many businesses rely on phone services to stay in touch with their customers and their employees. All too often, customers are put on hold, and if the call is not picked up quickly, they hang up. Businesses should do what they can to avoid putting customers on hold for more time than it takes to transfer a call. It might sound like an impossible goal, but there are several things businesses can do to reduce hangups.

Celebrating Hildie's 40th Anniversary With A Better Answer!

Hildie interviewed 40 years ago on August 11th with June Danner, Manager. June instantly saw that Hildie would make the perfect addition to the ABA Family and so Hildie was hired on the spot. How little did we know way back then that Hildie would be a huge anchor for ABA for 40 years – and still going and going and going.

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6 Tips for Managing Remote Workers to Improve Customer Service

With all of the available technology, more businesses are giving opportunities to their employees to work from home. Remote workers can keep businesses afloat when in-person meetings and work is not possible. 

Why Having an Answering Service for Your Hospice Services is Extremely Beneficial

8 Tips to Improve Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry

Can Reminder Texts, Calls or Emails About Appointments Reduce No-Shows?

Adults all over the United States have smartphones and access to the apps that help them get through their days. Phone-use data shows that texting has become the most frequently used data service. Businesses who want to stay in touch with customers can benefit from using text messages to share sales information. Many companies that rely on appointments are also using text messages to send reminders as a way to avoid and reduce no-shows.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Phone Lines for The Busy Season

A high volume of calls during a busy season may be a good thing. However, it could also mean having problems in handling a large volume of calls and other tasks falling to the wayside. For many companies, their phone lines are their lifelines, and missing important calls can become costly. Understanding how to optimize phone lines means that business can get done and revenue continues to grow.

Benefits of a Medical Answering Service for Your Business

Running a medical practice requires a lot of effort and smooth connections between front office staff and back-office operations. Juggling tasks in the medical fields can be challenging to handle, especially when you also need to man the phone lines. One solution to this problem is a medical answering service. No matter how small or big a medical practice, a medical answering service does a lot.

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