March Call Handling Hero®

Our call handling heroes® are not only kind and caring, they're also able to work quickly and efficiently to help resolve a caller's issue. Angel, our call handling hero® for March, helped save the day in this call.

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February Call Handling Hero®

At A Better Answer, we pride ourselves on hiring compassionate and empathetic call handlers. Our call handling heroes® go above and beyond. Read this story and listen to the call to see why we chose Wendell, who started working for ABA just 6 months ago, as our February Call Hero®.

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EWomen Network Foundation Awards ABA CEO Dee Hawkins

Forty-two years ago Dee Hawkins started a multi-million dollar business in Texas. A one "gal" office with 12 customers expanded to multiple locations and her own building. With a dedicated and loyal staff, Dee operates the most award-winning call center in the U.S. and Canada.

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An Inside Look at a Call Center During the Ice and Snowstorms

Bad weather creates all kinds of problems for nearly everyone. The worse the weather, the more problems there are. If there is snow, everything slows and the call volume really increases. When there’s ice, and especially if it’s on top of the snow, it’s the worst ever. Trees and limbs are either broken or bent over limbs kissing the ground from the weight of the ice, power lines are down, electric is off, no water, food supplies are dwindling, streets clog with traffic and the ice causes accidents which stop any movement – businesses close and if anyone is coming in at all, they’ll be late, schools close, parents stay home to watch their children, family and friends call from out of town to see if everyone is alright, and so many other reasons why people can’t get all their incoming phone calls. It’s bad – really bad – and no one knows when the situation will improve.

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Tackle Your New Year's Resultions by Hiring an Answering Service

2014 - A fresh start! 2013 has come and gone, you've hopefully wrapped up the last of your projects and preparing for this year's new ones. Are you planning on doing anything differently this year? Did you feel you had enough time to finish everything you started? If you're like most people, chances are, you definitely wished you had more time to complete things. It happens to all of us: we're ready to hit the ground running on getting our work done, and about 20 minutes in, a distraction comes along and we get sidetracked.

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ABA's Operator Barbara Retires From ABA After 32 Years!

Barbara started working for A Better Answer 32 years ago almost to the day!

Each year on our employee's anniversary, they receive a seal to place on their anniversary plaque. Barbara's is completely full!

Barbara started working for A Better Answer December 20th, 1981 back when we wrote all of our messages by hand and used the very earliest computers that would connect callers to another.

She has won many awards for her outstanding performance and efficient productivity and her skills have allowed her to wear many hats within the company. Barb has served ABA in bookkeeping, supervising and training as well as being a telephone secretary!

Barbara's niche was being a truly wonderful telephone secretary as she assisted callers from all over the world, making sure she helped them to the best of her ability. Barb made many friends over the years, of our clients as well as co-workers. She will be missed greatly by all! We wish her the best as she encounters the next stage of life, retirement has a lot to offer and we are sure she will experience many new things and we are sure she will stop in from time to time to tell us all about it!

Thank you for the 32 years of service given to A Better Answer, we all feel it was an honor working with you! Farewell Barbara, until we meet again!

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 2014!

2013 - Thank you for coming to an end!


Dee and her staff took their yearly planning meeting to the sea this fall!
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A Better Answer Wins CAM-X Award for all Three Offices!

For the second year in a row, all three A Better Answer Call Centers have won the CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association) Award of Excellence.

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A Better Answer wins 2013 Answering Service Award for all 3 Offices!

Each year, A Better Answer participates in what is the most prominent answering service industry competition to determine a call center's overall quality of service. Winning the ATSI Award of Excellence is the best way to show just how great our answering service is, and winning the award for all three offices is just wonderful! For 2013, our Dallas office receives the award for the 15th year in a row, our Fort Worth office for the 10th year in a row, and our Houston office for the 11th year in a row. We are so excited and proud of all our answering staff and are happy to show proof that once again we are among the top answering service businesses in the industry!

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ABA's Santa Hotline: Tell Santa What You Want For Christmas!

ABA'ers, have you been naughty or nice this year? More importantly, have your children? Well it is time for them to give Santa Claus a call to let him know, since we already know, they have been nice. Santa is waiting on their call to hear what they would like him to bring them on Christmas Eve. Ole St. Nick is getting ready to make his rounds. He's checking his list, so be sure your child's name is on it.

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