ABA Call Center Fully Operational during Snow/Ice Days

The winter weather in Texas has been crazy lately. We've had 65 - 70 degree weather followed closely by sudden drops in the temperature and rain. The worst case was the past few weeks with snow and ice putting all of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area under high alert. Major freeways were shut down but at ABA, we were still fully operational.

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ABA January Call Handling Hero®

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ABA Helps Habitat for Humanity

Santa and Mrs. Claus' visit to A Better Answer last December was a success in more ways than one. Not only did kids get to visit with Santa and have their picture taken, but we also collected donations for Habitat for Humanity of Collin County.

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ABA's 4th Quarter Call Handling Heroes®

At A Better Answer, we've won countless awards for the quality customer service we provide to our clients and their customers. It is only fitting that we recognize those ABA employees who continue to help make us the best at what we do.

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Santa's Visit to ABA

The holidays may be over but we're still remembering the holiday cheer brought by a special Christmas visitor. Santa came to A Better Answer during the week of Christmas to share the holiday spirit with our employees and clients!

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Santa is Coming to ABA!

We're excited to have Santa and Mrs. Claus visiting our Plano location as a special free event for our employees and clients!

This is a special time of year and as part of the A Better Answer family, we want to share it with the people who mean the most to us! Come join us and have your picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus in their sleigh.

Santa's sleigh will be here on December 22nd and 23rd from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. We will accept donations for Habitat for Humanity if anyone else from the community would like to attend.

Thank you and Merry Christmas from A Better Answer!

Update: We've just received a special phone number so kids can call Santa Claus! Just dial 972-943-4400 for a message from Santa himself.Get a Quote for Free

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Roseann Gibbs is Retiring after 34 Years at ABA

Roseann Gibbs has worked at A Better Answer nearly 34 years. It is with mixed feelings that we announce her retirement.

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ABA's 35th Annual Fall Family Festival

A Better Answer has celebrated our Fall Family Festival for 35 years. Originally located at our ranchette in Princeton, TX, the festival has always been centered around recognizing our employees, their achievements and sharing our families.

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Saying “THANK YOU”

We all lead such busy lives that sometimes saying a simple ‘Thank You’ escapes us. We live in a world of multi-tasking, stress management and overwork. We stay so busy going from one thing to another and handling problems and crises, we sometimes forget to thank those who surround us who quietly give us support, work hard and are always there for us. In our business of telephone answering and call center messaging, sometimes it’s difficult for us to rip ourselves away from all the ringing telephones, personnel challenges and our own personal situations to look up, take a breath, look around and see a light of security we always take for granted.

Over many years, ABA’s customers have taken time to recognize all the work we do for them behind the scenes and even in front of the activities. They send us thank you notes, boxes of chocolates, lunches, tickets to events … the list is endless of their kindnesses and recognition of our staff representing all their telephone-related business needs. Thank you dear customers! We recognize the extra effort it takes for you to take time away from your own businesses to say thank you to our ABAers.

Our ABA customers recognizing us as a necessary and integral part of their businesses made me look at some of our vendors and want to say ‘thank you’ to them as well … ‘paying it forward’ so to speak. I wanted to especially recognize our most important vendor – our bank. ABA has done business with Citizens State Bank of Princeton, Texas for over 40 years. They are always there, carefully guarding ABA’s money, doing transfers as needed, protecting all our payroll information, handling all the ACH transactions – so many things they do in a day for us – and they are always cheerful, efficient and always there for anything ABA needs.

Our staff deals with them daily, so one day we just decided to drive up and visit. We brought lots of exotic cupcakes because we wanted them to know just how special they are to us. We had the opportunity of bringing about a dozen ABAers to meet Citizens State Bank’s staff … from the President, to Bank Officers and our favorite tellers who handle our drive through business daily. Of course, in business, it’s imperative to have a good working relationship with your bank. Although we could have said ‘thank you’ on the phone, seeing everyone face to face brought us closer now knowing the faces behind the voices – much like our own answering service business.

Citizens State Bank and A Better Answer staff.


We know our customers like seeing our people who answer their phones, now we know have a greater appreciation of those who help us behind the scenes. What a great trip it was to take everyone and make this experience so memorable. Thank you – thank you – thank you from everyone at A Better Answer Call Centers®.

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An ABA Family Loss: In loving remembrance of Sid Owens

It is with heavy heart I write this retirement and remembrance. Sid retired officially several years ago but wound up only cutting down his hours. He wanted to spend more time with his charming wife Brenda, his lovely children and grandchildren and to travel to places we all dream about visiting. By reducing the number of hours Sid worked for ABA, we were able to still have the benefits of his generous work, even though remotely. Sid would come by the office and share a smile, drop off work, and catch us all up with all ongoing projects. We were able to keep Sid with us for these additional years because of his love for all of you in handling the employee website and his dedication to doing the absolute best job he could for ABA. It is rare to find many human beings with that much loyalty, dedication and respect for any company. Sid was that man.

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