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ABA Call Center Fully Operational during Snow/Ice Days

The winter weather in Texas has been crazy lately. We've had 65 - 70 degree weather followed closely by sudden drops in the temperature and rain. The worst case was the past few weeks with snow and ice putting all of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area under high alert. Major freeways were shut down but at ABA, we were still fully operational.

We know that some people have to work or are on call, no matter what. We are so thankful to those that serve us, care for us and protect us including the police, fire department and local hospitals. Often we forget about the many other industries that remain open when many of us don't want to leave the comfort of our warm homes to face the bad weather. We still need grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and yes, call centers.

Our Ft Worth and Dallas offices kept going by providing meals for our operators. Our Dallas office also rented hotel rooms so our call handlers wouldn't have to risk driving. Not only do our operators go the extra mile during a call, they go the extra mile for their jobs.
ABA Call Center Winter Weather

In Fort Worth, we had a few operators actually spend the night in the office so they were sure to be there to answer the phones. An operator worked an unscheduled morning shift to help out even though she had to come back for a shift later that day. Another operator drove 25 miles to get to work.

In our Dallas office, many operators came in early, stayed late, worked extra hours, or signed in remotely to work on their days off. One call handler drove 48 miles to get to work.

Our staff were a great support to our operators answering the phones during busy periods and making sure our call handlers were fed and well taken care of, even providing rides to and from homes. Our CEO and owner provided lunch for the operators on Monday and Tuesday.

We cannot say thank you enough to our wonderful employees for treating each other like family. They all make ABA a wonderful place to work in all kinds of weather!

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