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Roseann Gibbs is Retiring after 34 Years at ABA

Dee and Rosanne

Roseann Gibbs has worked at A Better Answer nearly 34 years. It is with mixed feelings that we announce her retirement.

Roseann had a most vibrant life before coming to work at ABA . She was a trapeze artist and rode the horses for Barnum and Bailey Circus! She traveled everywhere in the US and Canada -- a most interesting woman, indeed.

Roseann worked in the Dallas office and was offered the opportunity to open and manage the Fort Worth Office many years ago. The Fort Worth office moved 2 times and converted equipment several times. Through all these changes, growth and development of a very successful business, Roseann ran a tight ship and warranted all the respect her staff and her peers showed her.

Roseann has been an integral part of A Better Answer's success throughout all these years. We have always considered ABA staff "family" and any family member will be missed... especially Roseann who dedicated so much of her life to ABA.

She has always been a very dedicated woman--honest, hard-working and truly loved by everyone -- especially me, Dee. I could always depend on Roseann to be responsible and capable of handling anything that could possibly come up. We will all miss her terribly. We wish Roseann lots of happy retirement years and to do lots of traveling, which was her first love after her lovely family.

Roseann ... We all miss you and always will. The best of everything life can give you as always.

~ Dee

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