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Tips From an Answering Service: Using Your Voice

You can set the entire outcome of any call by how you sound: You can give a caller a high level of comfort or a high level of anxiety just with your voice!

The voice you project is determined by four factors: Energy, Rate of Speech, Pitch, and Quality. You have complete control of all of these factors and can change them to gain call control as well as create a professional environment between you and the caller.


A Better Answer Operators

energy level up and positive!

Energy reflects your attitude and your level of enthusiasm. Higher and positive energy will make your callers and customers feel like they are being listened to and will give them confidence that their message is being handled properly. Lack of energy translates into different meanings to the words we speak. It can make the secretary come off as indifferent and give the caller a sense that their message or issue is not of importance.

Rate of Speech

The normal rate of speech is 125 words per minute. A faster rate of speech creates the image you’re rushing to get rid of the caller of that the caller might not be able to understand what you are saying. A slower rate of speech creates the image to the caller that you do not know what you’re talking about OR that you’re talking down to them. BOTH conclusions reflect poorly on the operator and can cost you control of the call.


The pitch of your voice (the height or depth in the tone of your voice) can also affect the way you are perceived by a caller. A monotone pitch, where there are no changes in the tone of your voice, is the most difficult to listen to for any long period of time (think Ben Stein as Ferris Bueller’s teacher). A High pitch wears on nerves very quickly and sounds unprofessional. Low pitch is the easiest to understand and listen to while ending sentences by bringing your voice up to a high pitch will immediately turn whatever you’re saying into a question instead of a statement.


All of the above combined makes up your unique personal voice profile. Maintaining a positive energy level, talking at the normal rate of speech while avoiding monotone and high pitches is something our virtual secretaries at A Better Answer utilize at all times. Remembering these voice control tips will guarantee that you or your telephone secretaries will sound professional and credible during any call! Your voice becomes your portrait and your signature on every call. Make sure you have complete control of all four aspects and you’re sure to impress any caller!

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