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How to Choose the Right Call Center for Your Business

In many ways, the customer call center is the heart of any business. It is often the first contact customers have with the company, and must be run efficiently and with the utmost professionalism. Utilizing an outside call center can save you money, and allow you to focus on running your business. Call centers are as varied in function as the businesses that use them, and in order to choose the right center for your business, you must identify the needs specific to your company. Is your business large or small? What sort of call volume do you expect? Are the calls inbound and/or outbound? What customer service hours do you require? What types of clients do you serve - wholesale or retail? Whatever your requirements, there are a few questions to answer about a prospective call center’s service before signing an agreement to utilize their services.

  • Does the customer call center offer bilingual services? Because America is a melting pot, this should always be a consideration in order to alleviate customer frustration and promote satisfaction.
  • Does the call center company have any awards for customer service excellence? Customer service awards prove that a company is respected by others in the industry, and that it will represent your company in the best possible way when dealing with customers.
  • Is it an American answering service or is it “off-shored”? Studies have shown that domestic answering services have better customer issue resolution, as well as higher rates of customer retention.
  • Are there multiple locations? A service with multiple locations allows your business to grow and have location independence. Another benefit of having multiple locations is that if one is damaged by a natural disaster, calls can be rerouted to another
  • Is there an emergency contingency plan in place in case of bad weather? Inclement weather can temporarily shut your business down, and it is important to know that your call center has a plan to handle this.
  • How experienced are the customer service representatives? Customers often have significant contact with customer service representatives, and it is important to ensure that an accurate impression of your company is conveyed with warmth and professionalism.
  • Does the service use live operators? Live operators offer a distinct advantage because they can immediately deal with any issues that arise for a customer. If you choose to use live operators, be sure to identify the style and feel that best represents your business.
  • Are inbound and outbound services offered? Even if you are only using one of these now, it is good to know the capability exists for the other, should the right circumstances arise.
  • What is the cost? A value-driven, affordable service is vital. Be sure you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for, and what will be the exact cost incurred before you sign and agreement.
  • Does the call center utilize the latest technology? A major reason for a business to use an outside call center is because trying to keep up with rapidly evolving technology becomes too expensive for most businesses. In this scenario, employing a technologically progressive call center is a wise, cost-efficient strategy. An innovative service is a great partner to carry your business into the future.

The right call center can help increase your business’ profits exponentially. Whether you are looking for a customer call center or an answering service, A Better Answer is among the best in the business. With a collective one hundred and sixteen years of call center management, ABA’s managers oversee the delivery of over ten thousand messages daily to clients and customers. With an aggressive approach that matches technological advancement to the individual needs of each client, and an unsurpassed commitment to professionalism, ABA offers award-winning service poised to help you optimize your business. For more information, including a free personalized proposal for your company or office, please visit us at www.ABetterAnswer.com.

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