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Customer Service Horror Stories: The Invisible Shopper

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Today, we have the first story in our series “Customer Service Horror Stories.” We’ve all had bad customer service experiences, but sometimes they can feel far more like a horror story than just a mundane experience. In this blog series we are going to tell short stories that might feel a little too familiar, and the solutions to help anyone avoid their own horror stories.

The Invisible Customer

Janie walked into the electronics store, excited to find a new TV for her bedroom. As she walked through the doors and toward the television section at the back of the store everything felt mostly normal. A couple people almost bumped into her, but she just shrugged it off. Once in the television section Janie started looking for someone to help her pick out the right one.

At first she couldn’t find anyone, and every time she flagged someone down they seemed to look right past her. More than once they went to customers right behind her. She grew concerned as she couldn’t even make eye contact.

“I WANT TO BUY A TELEVISION!” She finally screamed, yet no one even moved.

Janie leaned toward another customer standing right next to her and waved her hand in front of their face, nothing. Panic started to rise in Janie’s throat. No one could see her or hear her. It’s like she was invisible. Janie ran to the entrance, almost tripping out the door. She stabilized herself just as she stepped outside.

“Are you ok?” Janie heard as soon as she passed out of the store.

“Yeah… I’m doing fine.” Janie said as she looked around to see someone staring at her just outside the doors.

She thought this was odd, but made a point never to return, just in case.

Janie fell victim to a common customer service problem: no one connected with her. It can leave anyone feeling invisible.

How to Avoid This Horror Story: Connect with Your Customers

One of the most common horror stories we hear about is the lack of attention and connection with customers. In the story above, Janie had already decided to make a purchase. She was ready to become a customer, yet the sale was lost because no one would pay attention to her. She is also likely never to return again — no one likes to feel invisible.

Make sure you engage and connect with your customers. Make them feel welcome to any of your offices or locations. They should feel happy to call and get the service they need quickly and in a way that matters to them.

Want to avoid horror stories like this one? Contact us today for a quote, or click the box below. Stay tuned for more tales of customer service woes to avoid...

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