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10 Real-Life Examples of Fantastic Customer Service

bab1.pngAnswering services and call centers often talk about how they provide excellent customer service, but it doesn’t mean anything unless they can back it up. To show you how A Better Answer does things in the real world, here are 10 examples of fantastic customer service from our Call Handling Heroes®:

andrea_deanda_dl.jpg1. Andrea – January 2016

Andrea received a call from an elderly caller who said she didn't have any food or money and couldn't get around. It really hit home when she said she was 73, and wished she could move into a retirement home. Andrea delivered food to the caller after her shift, then stayed to visit for a little while and offered to help her find a charity or organization that could help her with her living needs.

ariana_najera_dl.jpg2. Ariana - December 2015

On a cold winter day, our caller was cleaning his car when his vacuum cleaner sucked his keys into its depths. Since kids were in the car and there was no spare key available, he panicked and called the posted phone number. As Ariana discussed the situation with the caller, she noted that this particular account doesn’t include dispatch options. Showing heroic kindness, she relayed the client as courtesy.

eric_murff_dl.jpg3. Eric - September 2015

Attempting to calm down a highly emotional upset caller, Eric showed patience as he went down a call list of on-call pharmacists and kept getting voicemail. After dialing multiple numbers, Eric tried to gain more information from the caller but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, he was able to patch the call to a live person. The caller was too distraught to communicate any helpful information to Eric, but he stayed with her, never losing his cool as he continued to try to help in any way that he could.

4. Martha - February 2016martha_cox_hn.jpg

Martha answered a client’s line for a gentleman who had found a check made out to our client. Martha’s quick thinking enabled her to contact the client and get the necessary information from point A to point B, saving them the hassle and headache of tracking down the check and dealing with a replacement.

5. Elizabeth - November 2015

elizabeth_landon_hn.jpgA caller for one of our clients indicated that he was struggling with contemplating suicide. Elizabeth immediately attempted to put him at ease, calming him by asking for a name and number in case they were disconnected. She then attempted to patch him through to the client directly. Unfortunately, the caller disconnected while she was trying to reach the client. Taking action, with very little information, Elizabeth searched and called the Caller ID phone number. Luckily, the phone number did belong to the caller and, in the end, the caller was patched over to our client.

6. Kerri - May 2015

kerri_crisman_dl.jpgWhen trying to switch out a call, Kerri heard the caller say, “I’m holding onto my wife so she doesn’t jump out the window.” Knowing that she may need to call the caller back should they get disconnected, Kerri took the caller’s information. She then attempted to patch the call through to an on-call number. When there was no answer, Kerri realized the account protocols were to have callers reach out to 911 with medical emergencies, which she relayed to the caller. The caller said his wife was very combative and he was having trouble holding her, but Kerri stayed on the phone and despite delays, finally got through to the correct personnel for help.

7. Celby - April 2016 

celby_king_dl.jpgWhile working with an exceptionally difficult caller, Celby was unable to personally make the changes requested due to limitations on our side of the client's system. Taking the time to apologize and reach out to the client directly, Celby was able to help the caller while maintaining a positive customer service connection. Nancy, our client, understood how difficult the caller was and called Celby to apologize for the caller and thank her for the escalation. 

8. Eddie - January 2016 

eddie_rosillo_dl.jpgOn our religious-based organization clients transferred a call to Eddie. It was a distraught caller wanting someone to pray with her. The caller disconnected during the transfer, but when Eddie listened to the original call, he felt the need to follow-up with the caller. Eddie dialed the caller ID and got her voicemail four times. Concerned for her safety, he looked up her area and called 911 and the dispatcher was able to get the number for the local police. He was able to get ahold of an operator and give them the information we had on hand.

9. Kyle - October 2015 

kyle_vinton_dl.jpgThis caller was upset because she had an estimate of work completed months ago and the job was never done. Her comments included a frustrated response, "Do they even want to do the work?" and "I've even started sanding the cabinets myself." Kyle apologized to the caller and asked her to wait on the line as he researched an answer. He called the client, who asked that Kyle pass along sincere and profound apologies. The client gave Kyle her name and number to give to the caller and she would follow up immediately. The caller seemed to be in a better frame of mind afterwards.

10. Nina - July 2015

Untitled.pngWhen faced with an angry caller about a missed appointment, Nina did her research trying to find the appointment. Once she realized the appointment wasn’t in our calendars, she escalated the situation directly to the client. Our client really appreciated Nina’s extra care for what was basically a wrong number. Nina’s care and handling of this caller helped our client save a job for their affiliate, as well as their reputation.

These are just a few examples of how our Call Handling Heroes® go above and beyond for callers every single day. To learn how we can provide fantastic customer service for your business, request a quote today!

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