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Vicki Ferreira Celebrates 40 Years With ABA!

Vicki 40th Anniversary 01Big congratulations to Vicki for 40 years with A Better Answer. Vicki started with us when she was only 17 and now 46 years later (with time off in between to have children) we’re celebrating a lifetime of service. Vicki has had a spectacular history with ABA. Vic started as a TSR answering lots of customers calls on one of those vintage switchboards. She was such a star it wasn’t long before she grew with the company until she was the manager. From that position Vic began selling new accounts which was her first love. Her enthusiasm and dedication are remarkable and have carried her through some really challenging years. The Dallas office has moved several times, upgraded and changed equipment many times and always, Vicki grew and handled with great ability. Of course, all our customers think they are going to have a Vicki answering their phones because of her upbeat personality. All our TSRs are wonderful but there is only one Vicki.

Vickis 40th Anniversary 02We had a wonderful celebration with other ABAers she has worked with for many years and shared so many memories over all these years. Some were so funny, we laughed so much till we cried; some sad … but we all survived.

We have been blessed having Vicki with us for so many years and we all look forward to having her with us for many, many more years. Again, Vicki, Big Congratulations for a lifetime achievement. We all love you.

Dee Hawkins, CEO