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The Top 3 Myths of Modern Business Etiquette


Have you ever been to a dinner meeting where almost everyone had their noses in their smartphones? It's easy to be impolite in the modern age, not only because distractions are everywhere, but also because face-to-face encounters are no longer the only option for communication. 

This doesn't mean that good manners should be thrown out of the window, however. As lifestyles change under the influence of technology, so does proper etiquette. Unfortunately, not many people are able to keep up with these changes, especially when it comes to customer service.

Here are the top three myths of modern business etiquette:

Myth #1: If You Ignore Bad Reviews, They’ll Go Away

No, it won't. Gone are the days when people would complain and only their friends and neighbors could hear about it. Now, an angry customer who has been ignored by a company can go online and launch a tirade that reaches a worldwide audience. If the complaint goes viral, then damage control is going to be costly. Businesses should listen and attend to customer complaints, preferably with the help of customer service outsourcing. Even unreasonable requests should be handled with tact. Word can spread so fast on the Internet that the last thing you want is to deal with is backlash online.

Myth #2: Your Top Focus Should Be Acquiring New Customers  

Marketing will attract new customers, but it doesn't do much for making them stick around. Also, it's more expensive to draw in new people than to maintain existing clientele. The best practice is still keeping your current clients satisfied by providing them with consistently excellent customer service. If they're happy, they'll do their own word-of-mouth advertising for you — and maybe they'll even do it online. Complaints aren't the only things that can go viral. The Internet loves feel-good stories, too.

Myth #3: Not Getting Any Calls? No Problem. 

Wrong. Just because customers aren't calling doesn't mean they don't have something to complain about. It simply means they aren't satisfied with a company's customer service. It's highly likely they're complaining somewhere else like the Internet, or they've moved on to a competitor. If your business is receiving few calls, it's not something to be happy about. Try out customer service outsourcing to see if a change in the procedure will attract more feedback. Ultimately, you need to hear directly from your customers so that you know how you can improve your products or services.

Not all business are equipped to handle customer service on their own, so don't hesitate to venture into customer service outsourcing to help you address all the needs of your clients.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in June 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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