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Features Offered With A Better Answer’s Premier Service Package

Need professional answering services to handle customer inflow, message taking, and similar work? A Better Answer is just the ticket, especially if you own or operate a small business with limited staffing.

Most small businesses find our smallest pricing package to be perfect for their early needs, especially as they begin scaling up their business operations. Medium-sized businesses, meanwhile, often discover that our Enhanced Service package is ideal for their customer flow and budget limits.

But what about A Better Answer's Premier Service package? In truth, this service package is the best we offer, as it includes everything the prior two packages provide, plus several additional benefits and services. Let's take a closer look at the features and advantages offered with A Better Answer's Premier Service package.

Order Taking and Processing

If you’ve been in business for a while, you already know that automatic order processing systems have several limitations. Errors with customer orders don’t just lead to downtime – they also lead to dissatisfied customers who may not return for a repeat purchase or subscription.

That's why our Premier Service package includes live order taking and processing. In this way, we ensure that customer order errors never impact your business operations. But we also give your clients and customers time to ask extra questions, leading to greater order accuracy, improved customer satisfaction, and a better business reputation.

Manual order taking and processing further allows for additional customer feedback. Over time, this can assist with optimizing internal processes, helping you design your products and services to better fit customer needs, and much more.

Bottom line: our order taking and processing service is the ideal way to elevate your order-processing systems to the next level.

Ad Campaign Call Management

If you’re growing your business, you’re also likely expanding a well-designed, well-built ad campaign to bring new customers into the fold. A Better Answer’s Premier Services package can assist with that through ad campaign call management.

The most successful ad campaigns see a lot of calls, especially in the earliest days of the campaign. These calls can be tough to manage, particularly if you have limited staff or phones at the ready.

With A Better Answer’s Premier Services package, we’ll help you avoid missed calls by catching those ad responses as they come in. In doing so, we'll maximize your advertising budget and make sure that every customer who responds to your ads gets an adequate reception.

By meeting your potential or would-be customers with professional, responsive customer service agents, you'll maximize the chances that those callers will convert into real customers, too!

Store and Dealer Location

From time to time, your customers will call your business looking for the nearest store that has the product they want. On other occasions, customers might need to find the right manufacturer or dealership for a specific problem, like a product that needs fast repair. In these situations, our Premium Service package can help.

Specifically, our store and dealer location services can locate the nearest stores, dealers, or other business professionals for your customers with the touch of a few buttons. In moments, your customers will feel attended to without the need for them to do extensive research or call multiple stores, wasting valuable minutes in the process.

This feature can be heavily beneficial for your organization by bolstering its professional image. After all, it’s very unprofessional to direct inbound location requests to voicemail. Furthermore, our store and dealer location services reduce costs, as you won’t have to purchase, install, or maintain expensive equipment to manage this work. Each of our agents provides professional service to your customers, thanks to their extensive training.

Our store and dealer location services are vital for large businesses with multiple retail locations or dealerships for which customers may need to identify or receive directions.

Lead Qualification

As your business grows, your call volume will necessarily increase. But only some of those calls will be a fit for your business and what it offers. As a result, A Better Answer’s Premium Service package offers lead qualification services to prevent your team from wasting time.

In a nutshell, lead qualification involves determining whether a specific call or customer lead is right for your brand. In-house employees might not have the experience needed to determine whether a lead qualifies for a connection to your sales team. In the worst-case scenarios, the wrong lead could waste your salespeople's time and diminish your ability to pursue good leads instead.

To maximize lead qualification’s efficacy, our trained agents ask questions, such as:

  • How does your brand solve client problems? 
  • What draws clients to your brand?
  • Who’s part of the lead’s purchasing process?
  • What’s the lead’s budget?
  • And more

Database Verification and Management

A Better Answer’s Premier Service package also provides database verification and management services. Data verification involves double-checking your organization's data to ensure it's accurate and usable for purposes like marketing, customer relationship management, and more.

Database management, meanwhile, means organizing, maintaining, and regularly updating new data your organization brings in so it can be retrieved and analyzed easily. Combined, A Better Answer’s database verification and management services will help your organization leverage its collected data as effectively as possible.

As with our other services, this element of our Premier Service package can save your organization money since you won’t need to hire a separate in-house team for database management. Our Premier Service package costs much less than paying an employee’s full yearly salary, on top of providing other services and benefits!

Customer Relationship Management

For your organization to succeed, you’ll need to manage your relationships with your customers. Bad customer relationship management can make your customers feel neglected, frustrated, or, even worse, bad enough to leave your organization for a competitor.

When you choose A Better Answer’s Premier Service package, our highly trained answering service agents can prevent these outcomes. They’ll answer customer inquiries, provide personalized services to your target audience, and ensure that each customer or client who contacts your company has a great experience.

These elements will lead to improved customer satisfaction, a better brand reputation for your business, and even potentially a higher conversion rate.

Job Application Management

The majority of companies don’t have enough time to sort through all the job applications they receive, especially as they grow larger and become more prevalent in their industries. Unfortunately, this can reduce the quality of your hires, preventing you from finding the best employees in a stack of applications.

By outsourcing job application management to A Better Answer, you’ll:

  • Have a greater chance of hiring the best employees for each open position at your company
  • Maximize time management for your HR staff
  • Avoid missing out on stellar employees who wish to work for your brand

By letting A Better Answer help you hire the best employees, your brand will grow more successfully than ever.

Event Registration

One other unique element we offer in our Premier Service package is event registration. Event registration tasks are tough to keep up with, especially for growing companies, when you consider everything else that you have to do on an average day.

But you can hire A Better Answer to tackle event registration and related tasks for you. In the process, you’ll benefit from advantages such as increased productivity and reduced stress, both for you and your employees who normally handle this work.

On top of that, you’ll maximize guest experiences at events like seminars, grand openings, and much more. Our trained staff members can handle event registration, event management and organization, and personalized assistance for guests or attendees.

Leverage A Better Answer for Your Needs

Ultimately, the Premier Service Package from A Better Answer offers every form of customer service you could possibly need, whether your business is new and growing or established and looking to stabilize with a more extensive customer base. Whether you need customer relationship management, ad campaign call management, or something else entirely, we can help.

Why wait? Find out which service package best suits your needs on our answering service pricing page.