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Celebrating Debbie Weiler's 40th Anniversary with ABA!

Debbies 40th Anniversary

Debbie first began as a telephone secretary and has grown with the company over these many years. Always a smart and dedicated woman, she has successfully raised up many employees and also married, had children and is now Debs, grandmother to 3 lovely grandboys. Debbie lived through one big hurricane in Houston tearing up the building we had just moved from and went on to move again our offices into our own ABA Building. We have upgraded and switched out equipment so many times it would be difficult to count. Throughout all these moves, equipment changes, improvements as well as employee movement, Debbie had stood steadfast and kept the Houston office humming right along. So many ABA customers know her well. Debbie and her Houston office have won the ATSI Award of Excellence for over 20 years to add to the long list of her many achievements.

It has been no small achievement for Debbie to keep ahead of Covid which has deeply affected us all. Recent equipment changes, more remote staff, keeping everything sanitized and ongoing as well as keeping everyone safe and working. Takes an amazing woman and manager to stay ahead of everything. Job well done Debbie!

We are all so very proud of Debbie as well as all her accomplishments and wish her many many more happy and successful years leading her office. I personally thank Debbie for always being loyal, honest and dedicated not only to ABA but to me as well. I consider Debbie my family. Here’s to many more years together.