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40 Wonderful Years in Fort Worth, Texas

It’s been an incredible 40 years in Fort Worth, Texas. We can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. We are so proud of our successful years serving businesses across our community and beyond. We are so honored by the trust our clients have placed in us.



We opened our Fort Worth office in early August 1978. Since then we’ve created a fun work environment, while staying focused on creating a great customer experience. Below you’ll find a few fun stories, and we hope to be around for another 40 years with ya’ll.

1. Mega Dedication

It takes a lot to come into work if you are nearing your pregnancy due date, yet Roseann took that to a whole new level and even showed up the day she ended up giving birth to her daughter. It makes for a great story, and we appreciate Roseann so much!

2. HIPAA Compliance

Our Fort Worth office led the charge when it came to helping our entire company become HIPAA compliant. It’s been nearly ten years now, and because of it, we’ve been able to work with more medical based clients than ever before.

3. Fast Programming Turn

During an acquisition of a call center, the wonderful Fort Worth team was able to get all accounts programmed and set up in 21 days (we think, it may have been even shorter).

4. Flooding

Not every story is as enjoyable at the time, but they add to the personality and history of any company. One year one of our neighbors flooded, and we had to fend off the encroaching water. While it wasn’t fun in the moment, it’s part of our story now.


We have loved every minute in Fort Worth, and look forward to spending a lot more time here. We couldn’t do this without each and every amazing person who shows up every day, dedicated to delighting customers for our clients. Thanks for an amazing 40 years.

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