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5 Valuable Add-On Services for Answering Service Clients

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Contrary to popular belief, answering services these days aren’t limited to just answering calls and taking messages. At A Better Answer, we take full advantage of the latest technology in telecommunications to offer innovative services that go beyond the basics of an answering service. These optional add-ons not only provide valuable convenience and organization, they give you peace of mind and let you get back to running your business.

Here are just five of the valuable add-on services we offer to our clients:

1. Texting

With our texting add-on service, you don’t have to worry about scrambling for your phone or not hearing your email alert on your desktop PC. We can text your call information to you and it will show up the same as all of your other text messages. Best of all, you have control over things like audio levels and reminder notifications through your device settings.

2. eResponse

Don’t worry about wasting valuable time checking in with us to confirm that you received our message. With eResponse, you can send an immediate reply to our message, alerting a representative on your ABA account that you have received our message and it doesn’t require any further escalation.

3. Digital Voice Recordings (DVR) Storage

Need to find a message or recording from last year? With DVR storage, we will store your digital voice recordings for an additional 30 months past our normal 28-day archive retrieval time, giving you easy access to them whenever you need it.

4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Are your clients calling after hours for non-urgent issues that could easily be handled during business hours? We can easily implement a voicemail greeting that plays before the phone ever rings to our representatives. The greeting can list things like your office hours, address, website and other information. If the call is an emergency, your callers can press an appropriate number to reach a live representative. They’ll handle your emergency calls and get ahold of you using your preferred dispatching protocol.

5. Web Directory Control

Want to control your employee listings or on-call rotation system that ABA utilizes? This add-on service gives you complete control over your directory via web integration that houses staff names and numbers. So if you didn’t send us an on-call schedule for the month or if you forgot to call us about adding a new employee, you don’t have to worry.

This is just a sampling of our valuable add-on services. We offer a variety of ways to make your business life easier and don’t think there is an answering service solution out there we can’t handle. To learn more about our add-ons, give us a call today.
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