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A Better Answer Call Center’s History: What’s Changed in 45 Years

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost half a century since A Better Answer started serving its customers. A lot has changed over the years, to say the least. In honor of this — and to celebrate our 45th anniversary this year — we thought we’d take a look back at what’s changed since 1971:

Then (1971): A Better Answer (known as Keystone Park Secretarial & Answering Service at the time) opens its doors, becoming one of the first female-owned and operated businesses in Texas.

Now (2016): In business for 45 years, A Better Answer continues to excel as a Certified Minority-Owned Business.


Then (1972): A gallon of regular gas averaged $0.59, a first-class stamp was $0.13, a new home averaged $48,000 and Gerald Ford was president.

Now (2016): A gallon of regular gas averages $1.74, a first-class stamp is $0.49, a new home averages $298,790 and Barack Obama is president.


Then (1975): Starting out as a small business, ABA managers had to learn the ins and outs of the call center industry and develop great customer service strategies from scratch.

Now (2016): ABA managers currently have more than 116 years of combined experience in call center management.


Then (1977): Star Wars: Episode IV is the top-grossing feature film released this year, earning $461 million at the domestic box office.

Now (2015): Star Wars: Episode VII is the top-grossing feature film released this year, earning $899 million at the domestic box office.


Then (1979): Owner Dee Hawkins graduates from Southern Methodist University, Suma Cum Laude.

Now (2014-2016): A recipient of the 2014 eWomen Network Femtor Lifetime Achievement award, owner Dee Hawkins is a respected speaker, expert in the field and has given many seminars on all things related to call centers (training operations, customer service, running a business, etc.).


Then (1982): ABA is voted best answering service of the year by Dallas Magazine, the first of many awards and certifications.

Now (1999-2016): Recipient of seven different types telephone answering service awards, including the ATSI Award of Excellence (17 consecutive years), CAM-X Award of Excellence and more.


Then (1985): Agents took messages by hand and kept track of who was on call, when to call and which clients could be reached. They even billed clients by physically weighing messages.

Now (2016): Agents answer live calls from all over the world and utilize the latest technology to compile custom reports for clients and deliver messages and other information by voicemail, fax or email.

There have been plenty of changes over the years, but one thing hasn’t: our commitment to delivering quality customized services that fit our clients´ needs. That’s why we’re the best in the business and proud to be your Call Handling Heroes®.

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