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Inbound Call Center 101


As A Better Answer offers many types of services, we like to provide information on these services so that each client’s needs are being met effectively. We have tackled the difference between a call center and an answering service. We even offered clarity on our inbound, outbound and executive level telemessaging services. Now we’ll look deeper into the inbound call center and help explain more details.

What is an Inbound Call Center?

An inbound call center exclusively or predominately handles calls initiated by our client’s customers. Approximately 80% of ABA’s clients are using our inbound telemessaging services. Because the calls are coming into the call center, the primary use of an inbound call center is customer service including technical support, billing questions, appointment setting, order taking, product support, and assistance with their account.

Who uses Inbound Call Centers?

With customer service and other support needs, there are certain types of clients that request inbound call center services. These clients typically include:

  • Service contractors (plumbers, HVAC, refrigeration, water restoration)
  • Companies selling products for order processing
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Law offices
  • Schools (for notifications)
  • Restaurant management companies
  • Property management companies

Any business with customers who may have questions about a product or service – either before or after a sale – will have use for an inbound call center.

What is included in Inbound Call Center Services?

With every client that requests inbound call center services, they receive specific benefits as part of the package. Because of the nature of inbound calling, each client is provided a dedicated phone number to include as part of their primary brand information. This number can be added to websites, business cards, company brochures and other branded documents given to their customers. Or the client’s current business line can be forwarded to the number during high volume call activity.

At the onset of the A Better Answer/client engagement, the client is given a questionnaire to detail the best way of handling each call including:

  • The data required from each caller
  • Call escalation procedures
  • Who to contact, when and how
  • The answers to certain specific questions callers may be asking
  • The hours of support required (24/7/365 or only overflow)

The point of the inbound call center service is to appear as a seamless part of the company business. Getting the knowledge and training up front assures the client that the calls are being handled in the best way possible.

Businesses can know that their customers are in capable hands with the availability of inbound call center agents at the ready with experience and knowledge. If you are in need of personalized service for your customers, request a flexible and customized quote from A Better Answer today!Get a Quote for Free

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