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How an Answering Service Can Help with Web and Order Entry


Many companies are faced with the question of outsourcing certain tasks in order to continue growing their business. Hiring an answering service doesn’t limit the options available for outsourcing. Many answering services may offer unexpected and specialized services.

Setting Up for Success

Starting a new business is challenging in itself. Decisions around the type of business, products and services offered, hiring staff, and office space are all first and foremost in the mind of an entrepreneur. A website may be last on the list but could possibly create more ease in the business after the initial investment – in time and money – is made.

A customized ecommerce website serves a few purposes for a business:

  • Marketing – More business is done on the internet than ever before. Allowing your business to be found with a web search is invaluable marketing.
  • Order taking – Allows customers to purchase products or services directly on the website.
  • Help desk – Customers can ask questions or submit tickets via the website.

A website helps set up your business up for success by making your business, and what you have to offer, more available to potential customers.

How A Better Answer can help

Once a website is built for your business, A Better Answer can offer assistance with regards to order entry and ticket handling. Let’s look at a few examples:

Order taking

Some customers are wary about entering their credit card information over the internet. A Better Answer is a full service call center and can offer your customers a sense of trust with their personal information by taking their orders directly over the phone.

Help desk

As tickets are created in the help desk queue, an email alert can be sent directly to the call staff at A Better Answer. Our professional call handlers are trained with a specific set of instructions to follow related to each alert.

In some cases, alerts are set up at the computer level and can trigger an email to make sure the event is handled properly.

Our call handlers are set up with a customized list of who to call and what instructions to follow in either case.

Services you might not expect

At A Better Answer, we’ve helped clients with customized websites and other personalized services with our unique contract options. We want to help you see beyond “just answering the phones” when it comes to your answering service. These are but a few of the services you might not expect from an answering service. Let us help you get your business started and become a valuable part of your growth and success.what to look for in an answering service

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