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Services You Might Not Expect from an Answering Service

answering serviceWhen you consider an answering service, you might expect things such as someone to answer your phone when you’re busy, away or on vacation. You might expect 24/7 coverage from trustworthy, well-trained and reliable call handlers. (If not, you should be!) What you might not expect, however, are other services that A Better Answer provides that go above and beyond the typical answering service.

Virtual Assistant

Pew Research Center estimates that 64% of Americans own a smart phone. With a smart phone, many of us keep digital calendars and set reminders of schedules and appointments. Our smart phones, in a sense, have become our virtual assistants to help keep us on track. For the 36% of Americans that don’t have a smart phone and for those of us who have so many email, text and calendar notifications, often times important reminders get lost.

Did you know that A Better Answer offers a reminder service? A friendly call from your ABA call handler can help you remember to send your mother a birthday gift, buy flowers for the wife or get your dry cleaning.

Wake-Up Calls: Not Just for Hotels

Some smart phone users also use their phone alarms to jolt them awake in the morning. Some of us still use the handy old school alarm clock and hit the snooze button more than we should. How nice does it feel, however, to stay at a posh hotel and get a friendly wake-up call from the hotel operator?

With A Better Answer, every morning can feel like a posh morning. Our friendly operators can be trusted to wake you up, on time and with a smile. Starting your day off on time and on the right foot is good for those around you and good for your business.

We do our best to provide kind and helpful services to our clients. We get to know you and your business so that we can work seamlessly on your behalf. Our answering service, as well as the other services we offer, are built around decades of experience with clients from a wide range of industries.

Get to know us better by listening in on some of our Call Handling Heroes calls. Our staff is committed to offering the best customer service to our clients and your customers. Try our services today and see why we’re A Better Answer for your answering service needs.

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