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April 2015 Call Handling Hero®

Every month here at A Better Answer, we celebrate one of our own by singling out a Call Handling Hero®. We’ve shared particular calls where our call handler went above and beyond what was expected. We’ve raised a glass to those who did their share to help out a caller in need. We’ve listened to empathetic and understanding operators gently handle a caller in crisis.

This month, we celebrate not a particular call, but a special call handler whose empathy goes far beyond what she is trained to do.

Cindy – our April Call Handling Hero®
Cindy - April Call Handling Hero

Cindy, by far, has shown the greatest strength we can imagine here at ABA. Cindy is primarily a law operator, taking call after call for people seeking help for things like Mesothelioma and other medical complications.

Cindy does this with kindness and more than just empathy. Cindy offers sincere compassion as she struggles with a very real and very personal heartache. Cindy’s husband was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Rather than dwell on the situation, Cindy greets us with a smile and true enjoyment to be here day after day with a sense of purpose to help others. Those of us that work closely with her are amazed at her strength and want nothing more for her than to be here for her and say thank you for being a Call Handling Hero!®

Our call handling heroes inspire everyone on the ABA team to be better at what they do. Thank you Cindy!

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