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Cast your Vote during Call Handling Hero Week

ABA celebrates Call Handling Hero week annually in April. Each day of the week is focused on special treats and surprises for our outstanding Telephone Representatives.

Call Handling Hero Week Our Call Representatives on Sports Day

“Cool Under Pressure” is a day where we will acknowledge the spectacular skills our Telephone Representatives possess while handling the Hospice call from a distraught daughter, the panicked mother making an appointment for her sick child, or an upset homeowner calling in a water leak. These are merely examples of few hundreds of the calls our Telephone Representatives calmly and professionally handle each day; each call ending with a reassured caller knowing that their message will be handled promptly. Our Call Handling Heroes get to enjoy cool treats such as ice cream and nice cold slushies.

Our all time favorite, Super Hero day! Who doesn’t want to come to work dressed as their favorite Super Hero in addition to enjoying a pizza party?! ABA Telephone Representatives become Call Handling Heroes the moment they put on their capes, which in our case, are our headsets. Our “cape” arms us with the tool to connect us with our clients, customers, and patients. Our main goal is to provide the same level of service and assistance that would be expected from your office staff.

We’re sure one of our Call Handling Heroes has been your Call Handling Hero as well – please share your experience with us. Help us award the Annual Call Handling Hero by calling 972-943-4644 to record your vote for your favorite Call Handling Hero.

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