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How to Decrease Stress in the Workplace – And LOVE your Job!

Decrease Workplace Stress

Stress does strange things to your body. Working for a living shouldn’t cause health problems. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do for yourself to help reduce stress. We’re also including some tips to help make your workplace more enjoyable so you and your co-workers will love your job!

Recognize Stress

What you can do: The first step in decreasing stress at work is recognizing the effects of stress. If you’re feeling irritable and overwhelmed, there’s a good chance that you’re not functioning to your fullest capacity. You may be working harder but not efficiently and maybe even not productively. Stress at work can also lead to health problems which could lead to illnesses and missed work days, causing even more stress! Pay attention to how you feel at work versus anywhere else.

What your workplace can do: Create an atmosphere of trust and support. Allow managers and staff to communicate honestly about their workload and how it is affecting them. Pay attention if someone seems to be overwhelmed or simply not handling their normal activities as well as they have before. Listen and understand if additional staff needs to be hired temporarily or full-time.

Take Care of Yourself

What you can do: When stress causes a chain reaction of problems both at work and your life outside of work, it’s time to take action. Taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health is a great place to start. Check your diet. Are you taking in too much caffeine and/or sugar? Are you taking a break from your desk to get some fresh air? Try to get in some exercise and good sleep at night. One of the best stress relievers is taking an actual lunch break with friends! Get outside the office and enjoy the company of good people. It’s a welcome break in your day.

What your workplace can do: Support a healthy lifestyle. Many companies are establishing wellness programs that encourage fitness, healthy snack choices, running or walking groups or even family activities that help employees to feel more comfortable. In fact, incorporating a family-friendly environment can increase employee retention, helpful to those trying to find a work/life balance.

Lighten Up

What you can do: Stress is usually a feeling of loss of control. To reduce stress, learn to prioritize and organize your tasks. Make lists. Delegate where possible. Drop the perfectionist tendencies and trying to control other people. Managing others is one thing. Micro-managing can cause stress for everyone involved. Learning to compromise, finding humor and communicating effectively can go a long way in reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed.

What your workplace can do: Helping to create a comfortable - and even fun – culture in the workplace will be helpful to your staff. After all, the employees in your company spend more time with their co-workers than their own families. Create opportunities for social interaction among your staff so they get to know each other better. Create healthy competition to earn rewards and incentives. Talk to your employees about schedules and, if possible, create a flexible work environment. Allow your staff to participate in decisions that affect their work space and their jobs.

As an employer, having healthy and productive employees in your business can make a difference in your success. As an employee, you hope to wake up and look forward to going to your workplace because you love your job. Creating a culture where the employer and employee work together helps everyone involved.

We're proud of the ABA company culture where we offer rewards, treat each other like family and keep it healthy by offering ergonomic chairs and standing desks for our operators stations. Our employees stick around, creating a great place to work and many happy clients!

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